Talking Times Tables: Do-It-Yourself

Call in Reinforcements!

Teach the times tables using our lesson plans and a little bit of help from a friend or grandparent.

What We Do

The Talking Times Tables Programme teaches the times tables via daily, 2-minute phone calls.

We call you five times a week, at whatever times you choose, and increment the lessons day by day.

Two minutes isn't very long, so your child learns their tables without really noticing!

How to Do-It-Yourself

Here you can find out how we do what we do, and recreate the programme for yourself at home.


1) A copy of our instructions.
2) A willing (reliable!) friend or relative with a phone.

Learning is based on recitation and repetition, which will be very familiar to relatives over a certain age! <ahem>

Testimonial: My son struggles with concentration, and to get him to sit down and do any work with me is a battle. Talking Times Tables is a genius idea for children like him! - Charlene, mum to Max (age 7)

Rules and Phases

There are three rules!
  • Phone at the same time each day
  • Take it slowly! - a little progress every day
  • Keep the call shorter than two minutes!
Then there are 3 phases:
  • Phase 1: Teach the table by rote, as a 'sing-song chant'
  • Phase 2: Learn to 'sing the answer'
  • Phase 3: Learn to 'sing the question'
Testimonial: My Year 4 daughter has ADHD and was a very reluctant times tables learner. Talking times tables has been a game changer. The short daily lessons and novelty of getting her own phone call have felt manageable to her and it has hugely built up her confidence. She has gone from struggling with the 3 x table to being able to answer any times table to 12 and possibly being on track to pass the year 4 times table screening which 3 months ago did not feel like an achievable goal. (For me, it’s been great that the times tables practice takes care of itself every day without me having to remember to do it!) - Louise S, Mum to E. (9)

Phase 1

Phase 1: Teach the Table - by rote, as a 'sing-song chant'

Build up slowly, adding one multiple per day.

To start: You sing what you've learned so far, the child listens. Then you both sing together.

To progress: You sing again, including the new multiple. Then you both sing together.
Repeat three times.

Say goodbye!

Phase 2

Phase 2: Sing the Question

If your child gets stuck, help them sing through the table to find the answer.

To start: You both sing the whole times table together.

To progress: You sing one question from the table. Your child sings the answer.
Ask 5 questions.

Say goodbye!

Phase 3

Phase 3: Sing the Answer

If your child gets stuck, help them sing through the table to find the answer.

To start: You both sing the whole times table together.

To progress: You ask one question from the table. Your child sings the question and answer.
Ask 5 questions.

Say goodbye!

FREE Instruction Pack!

FREE Instruction Pack to Get You Started and Keep You on Track


  • Printable Instruction Sheet - A reminder of what to do and how to do it. Send to your willing (reliable!) friend / grandparent so they understand the plan!
  • Printable Cheatsheet - Another one for your 'voice on the phone'. A tick sheet listing all the lessons so they can tick them off as they go.
  • Listen to Sample Lessons - Listen to a sample lesson from each Phase in the programme, so you can hear exactly how we do it.
Testimonial: This has been invaluable lately. At first, I was slightly skeptical thinking “I can do that”, but the problem is, I don’t. Having this incoming scheduled and personalised call really helps to set the rhythm required to fully learn the times tables. With handy worksheets and a flexible online platform to change our needs, this has really helped us. My daughter is enjoying her daily call and loved the summary speed round today before she moves on to the next set of times tables! Thank you for putting this together for all those modern mums trying to juggle so many things. - Katie B, Mum to A. (9)

Let Us Take Care of Everything!

We're Here to Help :)

If you don't think the diy version will work for you, or you'd like to see how we run things here before you start, we're here to help :)

Trial for 7 days for £1.
Then it's only £3.50/week for:
  • The pleasure / relief of seeing your child actually learn their tables
  • Big reduction in nagging (probably?)
  • A lightening of 'the guilt load' associated with both!

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