Reviews from Parents

These reviews are from long-term users who have either finished the programme, or are well on their way. You won't need daily phone calls forever!

Previously so stressed she would cry, now gaining confidence

Thank you for the daily phone calls! Even though you don’t hear from us, we’ve become very used to the “Jenn-a phone” every night (that's how the girls refer to the phone calls)!

I just wanted to let you know how delighted we were to receive our 9 year old’s report which shows she scored 21/25 on the Times Tables screening - which is amazing considering they told us she was behind in learning them at the start of the year and the computer programme they encourage them to use to learn them made her get so stressed, she would cry and say she was stupid.

In desperation, I searched for an alternative and am so grateful to have found your website!

It’s not just the times tables, it’s giving our daughter confidence in an area in which she believed she was incapable of succeeding.

(I received this review after M had been answering her daily phone calls for an entire academic year - from Sept 2020 to July 2021. I couldn't be more pleased for her!)

Anna R, mum to M (age 9)
Highly Recommend! No nagging!

We started Talking Times Tables during lockdown with my son who was in year 1.

He already had the gist of 2s, 5s and 10s so we chose to miss those out. Over the next few months, with just a short phone call every week day, he grasped 3s, 4s, 6s and we started on 7s. I had nothing to do with this progress, I just handed him the phone each morning. It was fabulous!

The new addition of the workbook is really useful as we did tend to mislay the sheets - but now we are fully prepared. The ease of changing the times tables to repeat or miss lessons is great. He's just gone into year 2 and we've started back at the beginning of 7s after a summer break.

I cannot rate this programme highly enough. My son enjoys receiving the calls, he learns his times tables with no nagging and all I have to do I is keep hold of the workbook and schedule the calls! Job done.

Jill W, mum to H (age 6)
Knows all her times tables!

My daughter has been getting the phone calls for 7 months and this book [of worksheets on Amazon] is the icing on the cake!

Fantastic, easy way to learn your times tables quickly and no tears.

She looks forward to the phone calls and every morning she repeats or sings along with Jenn. She'll be taking her Y4 times table test this year and already she knows all her times tables. Definitely recommend!

Jenni D, mum to A (age 8) - Amazon reviews of the new workbook.
Calls are short, but really works!

Just a quick note to say thank you, because we've finished! After around 10 months, we don't need the daily calls any more. My daughter started year 3 a couple of months ago and she already knows all her times tables!

The calls might be short, but over time they really work. Sometimes we had to repeat the 'question-and-answer' lessons to give her a a bit more practice at a particular times table, but that was very easy to do from the control panel.

We scheduled the calls for breakfast time because it's the calmest 5 minutes we get in our very noisy mornings, and that worked really well for us. We would never have managed to practise so regularly without them.

I would highly recommend this to any parent who feels pulled in too many directions!

Sarah C, mum to R (age 8)
Far more cost effective than a tutor and great value for money!

My 7 year old son has been using talking times tables for a few weeks now.

He’s a child who would usually struggle with concentration, and to get him to sit down and do any work with me is a battle.

Talking times tables is a genius idea for children like him, and in fact for all children!

The small bursts of consistent regular learning mean that he doesn’t have to concentrate for very long, yet learns progressively, and he feels special when the phone rings for him every morning.

The phonecall was really easy to set up via the website, and I had the option to choose on which 5 days we wanted to receive the call, and at what time. I could also choose the level for him, and can alter this at any time, so I can ensure he is working to the correct level for him.

The repetition is exactly what he needs to learn his times tables, and the worksheets help to reinforce visually what he has learnt.

He learnt his 2’s and 3 times tables very quickly and is now onto 4’s! His confidence has grown, and I no longer feel guilty for being a working parent who struggles to find the time to do this with him myself!

Far more cost effective than a tutor and great value for money. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Update 10 months later: We no longer need the phone calls. My son knew all of his times tables before he started year 4 - and he spent half of year 3 in lockdown!

Charlene C, mum to M (age 7)
Worked wonders for my daughter with ADHD!

My Year 4 daughter has ADHD and was a very reluctant times tables learner.

Talking times tables has been a game changer.

The short daily lessons and novelty of getting her own phone call have felt manageable to her and it has hugely built up her confidence.

She has gone from struggling with the 3 x table to being able to answer any times table to 12 and possibly being on track to pass the year 4 times table screening which 3 months ago did not feel like an achievable goal.

(For me, it’s been great that the times tables practice takes care of itself every day without me having to remember to do it!)

Update after 3 months on the programme: My reluctant 9 year old seems to have taken off with her times tables this week! She now has the confidence and motivation to play times tables apps on her tablet and is doing all the tables up to 12 - something she wouldn’t go near before. I don’t think we’d have ever got to this point without talking times tables giving her the kick start.

Louise S, mum to E. (age 9)
Invaluable for busy mums!

This has been invaluable lately.

At first, I was slightly skeptical thinking “I can do that”, but the problem is, I don’t.

Having this incoming scheduled and personalised call really helps to set the rhythm required to fully learn the times tables.

With handy worksheets and a flexible online platform to change our needs, this has really helped us.

My daughter is enjoying her daily call and loved the summary speed round today before she moves on to the next set of times tables!

Thank you for putting this together for all those modern mums trying to juggle so many things.

Update after 6 months on the programme: My daughter completed her 12 times table this week! We've finished! Thanks again.

Katie B, mum to A. (age 9)
Genius idea for a busy household with multiple kids!

March 2020: Just wanted to say, the proof is in the pudding! Just been to Alex’s parents evening and she said he’s really good at his times tables!

I told her we’re using your app and clearly, for Alex, short lessons that don’t involve me and keep his focus are key!

Update when signing off after 12 months: I want to say thank you for this brilliant service. It has brought Alex on hugely with his times tables.

It really is a genius idea for a busy household with multiple kids. Two minutes in the morning before school, regular as clockwork, has made a huge difference to his learning.

In a recent assessment in year 4, he scored 93/96. He would never have achieved that without the daily phone call from Talking Times Tables.

Thank you so much!

(Jenn's note: Alex was getting phone calls through the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. 93/96 is always a great score, but after a year of disruption it's especially impressive!)

Tara B, mum to Alex. (age 8)
Before you know it, they've learned their tables!

Talking Times Tables is great!

Its so easy to get them doing that little bit each day and before you know it they've learned so many times tables.

Two minutes on the phone with Jenn is much easier than the 10 minutes it would take me to do the same thing.

(Review submitted after 8 months on the programme.)

Sam M, dad to S. (age 7)