Are you ready for the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check?

Practise, Practise, Practise

The Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

All children in English state schools take the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) in June of Year 4.

The test is taken on a laptop or tablet.

Worksheets That Accompany Your Phone Calls

We'll email you with the appropriate worksheets when your child needs them.

You can also find printable copies of worksheets for each times table in your control panel.

There are web-based versions of the same worksheets, if you prefer, but it helps children remember if they're actually writing down the answers, so print them if you can.

Learn Online

You can learn or refresh your times tables knowledge by whizzing through the practice tables on this site.

  1. The online exercises break the times tables down into manageable chunks. Learn each chuck separately.
  2. Combine those chunks together into a full times table.
  3. Practise recalling the answers when the table is not in order.
  4. Practise division - which is all part of multiplication really.

Before long they'll be answering random questions from all the tables they know.

A little bit of practice very day goes a very long way when it comes to learning your tables!

Outsource the Hard Work!

And for those with busy lives - you can always schedule your child's times tables practice using Talking Times Tables!